MPG’s New Partnership with Grassroots Football

Supporting Local Communities

The Multiplayer Group is made up of amazing, talented people from around the world. Despite being spread across the globe, a big part of what makes us special is our sense of community, and our ability - in fact it’s a privilege - to be able to extend our support to causes that matter to MPG team members.

Most recently, we’re proud to have been able to enter into a new partnership with Knowle Football Club, sponsoring their Under 18s Girls Team - the Raptors.

Knowle FC is a grassroots football club based in the town of Knowle in the West Midlands, UK. Their Women’s team support local young people to play football in Division One South of the West Midlands Regional League.

MPG’s donation to the club has allowed the team to purchase hoodies for the squad to wear during training and pre-match warm-ups.

The sponsorship also covers the training of two coaches - Kate Fleming and Natalie Gibson - who play for the Knowle FC Women’s team.

Kate said, “I’m hugely grateful to MPG for sponsoring me this season. As a coach for one of the Knowle Girls teams, I know how important it is for those young players to see role models ahead of them; from the mighty Lionesses all the way through to women playing the game at grassroots level in their local area.

Sponsorship enables us to keep women in the game by ensuring they don’t have to pay to play football, and puts us ever closer to an equal footing with the men’s game. By sponsoring myself and Nat, MPG are investing not just in the senior team, but in the future of the girls who play at junior level. So it’s a big thank you from me, and all those girls too!”

Whether you’re playing a game online or offline, the team building and personal development opportunities of multiplayer activities can be incredibly important, so we’re very pleased to be able to help in a small but meaningful way.

“I know there are many football fans at MPG, but this partnership is about so much more that that; it means a lot to us to be able to uphold our responsibility as a successful business to support initiatives around education, community and sustainability.”, said Andy, CEO of The Multiplayer Group. “We’re also working hard to bring more diversity into the industry - supporting women and girls is a big part of this.”

Feedback from the Raptors has shown how important it is to support local community, grassroots organisations. Something as simple as a uniform gives a shared look and identity, boosting team spirit and confidence - as well as some much needed warmth during the winter months!

If you’d like to know more about Life at MPG and what else we’re doing to give-back, visit our news page.

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