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let's make something amazing, together

At MPG, we specialise in creating the highest standard of mind-blowing multiplayer experiences for our partners. We love nothing more than helping to make your games and ideas the best they can possibly be.

So why hire us?

Right now we're involved in the the biggest shooters, the highest profile MMORPGs and the trickiest full physics-based multiplayer action (gulp!) ever produced, across all platforms and many of them are record-setting games.

Today, more than ever, we believe that multiplayer games are the best way to provide years of entertainment to players. They power cooperation and competition, driving emergent, player-driven moments which hook into our social instincts and desires. They are truly meaningful now and in the future.

MPG: Profile

Probably the most experienced multiplayer team in the world.

MPG are a team of over 300 across 30 countries. We're helping clients and partners build 20+ AAA projects at any one time. Our aims are to be instrumental in the best multiplayer developments around the globe, to help our partners succeed and to add value to these projects that only experience like ours can.

We think we're probably the most experienced multiplayer dev group in the world and we're set up to help you, the games industry, make games more easily, to deliver the highest quality and become long term partners.

If this sounds interesting, please read on...



We integrate into your internal teams, however you need us to.

Co-Dev for MPG is not only about building a great team of developers that we think will best deliver on your needs, it's also very much about trust and transparency.

Our embedded co-dev teams run like an extension of your teams. Each member of the team will be visible and communicative, a positive force for the project. We believe that great partnerships are built on trust. We foster this organically by making sure delivery (doing what we said we were going to do) and honest dialog have the highest priority.

Our project teams range from 2 members up to full-scale game teams across all disciplines. We have staff located across the world, so we're able to cover many timezones. We're super flexible on how we work with you. Our people are experienced in a wide range of methodologies, platforms and tools, so we'll just slot into your workflow.

We build teams to suit you and only commit to projects we know we can nail.



Taking responsibility for delivering your game in full.

Having a large talent pool to draw from, like co-dev, we're able to construct full game teams with the confidence that we'll have the right balance of experience and flair. Unlike co-dev, full development requires an ownership mindset. We make all the decisions and are ultimately responsible for the game’s success. That’s why we’ve got dedicated full-dev leadership who understand what it takes to deliver a game from start to finish.

There are various ways our full-dev teams work with clients. At its broadest extent it's about MPG delivering from concept to live game. We work with IP holders in dreaming up the IP's next instalment in multiplayer, or we're given the opportunity to start afresh with a new IP. At the other end of the scale we take responsibility for an entire game mode or a contained area of content in an existing game.

So our full-dev teams offer a creative, fully comprehensive, game development service for your multiplayer games.



Analytical reporting and bespoke data science for your game.

With our unique, expansive data infrastructure, advanced modelling and combined experience, we can go beyond what is normally available to studios and deliver responsive, meaningful, insight to help build better games.

Our Data Science team can provide analysis and insight at every stage of the game development cycle, including: competitor insights, bespoke telemetry analysis, sentiment reports, market analysis, survey responses, sales forecasting, performance tracking and more.

we’ve joined forces with some incredible people

While some of our work has to stay under wraps (something we’re very serious about!) we’re proud to say we’ve worked on incredible AAA games, and with some of the world’s largest dev studios.

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