MPG raises £2,738 for Special Effect

So, 3 £500ish cars, 3 teams of 4, UK to France and back again - what could possibly go wrong?

This week, I took part in the Twin Towns 2020 (+2) challenge, along with 11 other colleagues from MPG!

So what is Twin Towns? It's a charity car rally that's been running since 2014, and has to date raised over £850,000 for SpecialEffect. Teams have to source a car for £500, and then, over the space of 4 days, drive from the UK to France and back, with challenges and other events happening in between, all in the aid of raising as much money as possible to support the amazing work done by SpecialEffect.

So with cars purchased, team names argued over and costumes sourced (for ourselves and the cars!), we set off on one of the best experiences and trips of my life.

I can honestly say that I have never laughed so much in my life (and that was evenafter seeing Rocco’s costume!) - car karaoke, scavenger hunts, band music video creation, blind-driving and car-jousting were just some of the events we took part in, with total donations tipping over the £1 million mark for Special Effect.

Andy Allen

Shout out to my team mates, Ant Salway, Dale Field, Doug Loscalzo, Ella Sums, Nektarios Ioannides, Nic Martin, Rocco Loscalzo, Ruth Gibson, Ryan Shah, Step Dalzell and Yordan Gyurchev, for making this such a magical weekend, and a personal heartfelt thank you to Lucy Hatter, our Studio Coordinator, who, without her commitment to the cause, we wouldn’t have made it there and back! Again, I had such a blast, and made so many great memories.

We've raised £2738 so far and would welcome more donations!

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