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What you can expect from The Multiplayer Group

first up

It all starts by contacting us. We will arrange an initial call to talk through who we are and how we work.

We’d love to hear about your game or IP and how you think we can help you. We have NDAs ready to go, so let us know and if helpful, we can exchange these prior to the call.

MPG is here to solve problems for our customers. We do that by listening, understanding your needs and the environment in which you wish to work, and then offering a proposed solution.

We’re able to build teams across all the core multiplayer disciplines of Software Engineering, Art, Design, Production, QA, and Data Science. We work in a slightly different way for each of the services we offer and depending on the customer’s requirements, so we’re flexible.

Projects hardly ever fit into a typical template, and part of the reason for us offering the complete range of services from 100% Co-Dev to 100% Full-Dev is so that we can be sure to pitch the solution just right. It’ll be somewhere on the scale between these two points.

We're experts in…







Co-Dev & Full-Dev

How it works in practice

Day-to-day, we are comfortable using scrum, agile, waterfall and various other ways to project manage games, as well as the usual communication tools such as Slack, Zoom, Teams, Hangouts and Skype.

For Co-Dev our engineers work on your code-base, and are on your Jira and Confluence. Our team becomes part of your team, joining daily stand-ups to ensure priorities are set correctly, work is visible to all and communication is free-flowing. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to deliver and exceed the expectations set by our partners, even with the tightest of deadlines.

Full-Dev teams take more responsibility for projects. They are always rounded, multi-discipline teams who will usually decide how their projects are set up, with early agreements from customers about frequency of conversations and making sure there are no surprises along the way. These projects are ideal for customers who want MPG to have full agency in design, art and engineering, and to lead and supply full game teams.

Aim to understand


Our Analytics team can provide analysis and insight at every stage of the game development cycle, including: competitor insights, bespoke telemetry analysis, sentiment reports, market analysis, survey responses, sales forecasting, performance tracking and more.

If you're interested to see what kinds of insights would benefit your projects, give us a call and we can arrange a demonstration of some template reports, or just some time talking through your project specifically with one of our Data Scientists to find the best route forward.

The Analytics team aims to help you understand. Check out this blog post to go further into how understanding can help you.


Our massive team has an incredible range of experience building games across all gaming platforms, including:

  • PC, Mac, Linux
  • Playstation, XBox, Switch
  • Mobile iOS/Android
  • AR / VR


We are platform agnostic in terms of how we work and we’ll adapt to whatever you need. We’re currently working with…

  • Unreal Engine 4 & 5
  • Proprietary C++ Engines
  • Unity C#
  • Backend Services
    (Golang, Java, C#, Docker, Kubernetes, etc)


Ultimately, we’re part of your team, so we’ll seamlessly slot into your process, and integrate the right team to nail it.

  • Framework – Agile, Waterfall etc
  • Remote comms – Slack, Teams, Zoom etc
  • Multiple timezones
  • NDAs and Confidentiality

we only sign up if we know we can nail it

Long term partnerships are built on trust and sometimes that means we say no.

We work very hard to present with honesty and transparency. We want to partner with you again and again, in the long term, and the only way to do that is delivery.

We make sure we're 100% we can deliver on every project we take on, otherwise we won't do it.

we’ve joined forces with some incredible people

While some of our work has to stay under wraps (something we’re very serious about!) we’re proud to say we’ve worked on incredible AAA games, and with some of the world’s largest dev studios.

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