our customers

are our partners

Our team support our partners to help them create, develop and deliver mind-blowing AAA gaming experiences.

we’ve partnered with some of the biggest studios in the world

And we've worked on some of the most successful games ever.

While some of our work has to stay under wraps (something we’re very serious about!) we’re proud to say we’ve worked on incredible AAA games, and with some of the world’s largest dev studios.

keep it secret. keep it safe.

Our team are well versed in keeping industry secrets, and our nature as your partner is to be the invisible cog your team needs, to deliver.

This usually means we can’t shout about our work until it’s released, or often not at all. Our main commitment to you is to deliver a project however you need us to, and to keep that under wraps on your terms.

Here's some stats we're particularly proud of!


gamers playing titles we've worked on


players on 5 titles we've worked on


out of the top 10 publishers are MPG partners


titles received Bafta nominations in 2021

falling over isn’t as easy as it looks

How we helped Mediatonic make Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout a massive multiplayer success.

“MPG really knows multiplayer. They quickly understood the technical challenges we’d face and provided the best co-dev team possible to help us tackle those challenges and deliver our vision.”

Salvatore Fileccia,

VP Studios at Mediatonic Games

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