Aim To Understand

Understanding Games

In a market that demands constant optimisations and fresh insights to keep pace, analytics and Data Science teams across the industry are stretched, facing growing recruitment challenges.

At MPG, we can provide an unparalleled service that focuses on addressing your unique challenges, whether it's discerning the precise nature of how an audience engages with your product or exploring hidden insights in the marketplace.Our specialist team with years of combined industry experience have worked on games across platforms, genres and scale - with a primary focus on major multiplayer titles.

We tailor our analysis to your needs!

Understanding Data Science

Anything can be measured! Even when the direct data is not sufficient to the task there are always indicators, models and trends that we can rely upon to guide key business decisions.

The team has considerable experience in Machine Learning, Bayesian Analysis, A/B testing and Forecasting which can be leveraged to deliver particular business essentials such as Market Reports, Game Telemetry and Audience Analysis.

These skills are complemented with custom in-house tools, advanced data pipelines and bespoke audience surveying solutions.

Understanding KPIs

Contextual framing is our focus.

If your product's D7 retention is 13%, is that good or bad?

Is DLC revenue being at 10% of your game's gross impressive or underwhelming?

It's not enough to simply report a number in a vacuum - context is everything. How these numbers relate to competitors, platforms and genres is essential to understanding these numbers. Unpacking these measures across time also provides insights into the product's lifecycle and what potential interventions are available.

Understanding Actionable Insight

Deconstructing the factors behind essential business measurements can be a heavy undertaking.

These indicators, which often lie at the centre of the decision making process, require thorough interrogation for any business to attain - and maintain - success in a competitive market.

Any analysis we conduct aims to relate these key measures around acquisition, retention and monetisation, aligning our analysis to your target goals and providing insights that seek to challenge or validate assumptions.

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