Reut Elad, Animator

Reut joined MPG in January 2022, having been in the film industry for the first decade of her career. Her superpower is performing well under pressure and getting shit done. She lives in London and her favourite colour is black.

What attracted you to working in games?

The technical challenge. I was always avoiding the technical side, as it was scary and overwhelming for me, but once I dove into it I discovered a whole new and fascinating world, that I cant stop exploring!

How did you get into the industry?

After many years of working in the Film and TV industry I was looking for my next challenge. I had a friend who'd worked with me previously and since moved to gaming. They opened my mind and pulled me into MPG.

How is it different now from when you joined?

Well, I've only been in the industry for a few months, but it's like I've learnt a whole new language!

What's your proudest achievement?

My graduation film. Today it has a life of its own, still traveling in animation festivals and having more views everyday. It also featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

What led you to join MPG?

After a short interview with my manager I immediately understood I want to be part of this place.

Do you have any heroes in the industry, or someone who’s influenced your career to date?

I had a teacher who failed me on character animation course at uni. It only drove me to get better at this, and I ended up doing this for a living.

I am inspired by people that against all odds achieve their goals. I don't believe in heroes, but I get really inspired by people who work hard to get what they want!

What changes would you like to see in the industry?

I would really like to see more diversity and inclusion in the industry.

What are you looking forward to?

The next time I'll open Unreal Engine! How lucky am I, to do this every day and get paid?!

How has the pandemic changed the way you work?

I work from home, (hybrid work). I'm saving at least two traveling hours a day which I can spend with my daughter. She was born at the beginning of the pandemic, which really made my rethink work life balance!

Rock / Paper / Scissors?

Paper. And some pencils please!

Reut (Ray) and her daughter on a recent outing in London.

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