Ella Sims, Associate Artist

Ella joined MPG in 2020, working as an Associate Artist from our Nottingham office in the UK. Trained as fine artist, she found her way into video games through a good friend. The shift from a traditional background into games was a big transition but one she’s really happy to have made!

What attracted you to working in games?

I’ve always admired concept artists and adored concept art – as some of the most impressive, figurative artwork out there. It’s the perfect position for me as an individual who likes to observe, document, recreate and imagine up worlds and the characters within them. Working in games allows me to do all of these things daily and has been the greatest opportunity for me to take all of my skills as an artist and direct them towards a focused goal.

How did you get into the industry?

It all happened very fast. Back tracking a little: I went to university to study Drawing (fine art) and then spent a year on an internship at Blank Space, a visual art and design community in Oslo. During those years I spent a lot of time making art and being surrounded by artists, including some game developers, but I never had a particular plan of entering the games industry.

After I came back to the UK I had a short stint working in an advertising company which sucked out my soul, it was at that point I heard about The Multiplayer Guys (Fate). A good friend told me about the position which led me to apply. It was a big shift for me which was also a little terrifying but it has without doubt been the biggest break of my career, allowing me to realise all of my current ambitions as well as falling head over heels for the games industry.

How is it different now from when you joined?

When I joined I could actually go in and see people’s faces in the office. 🙁

What's your proudest achievement?

Getting this job!

What led you to join MPG?

Divine intervention and the realisation of exactly what I did not want to do.

What game do you wish you'd worked on and why?

Probably Jet Set Radio Future because it was my first ever console gaming experience and remains the coolest game in my mind to this day. Either that or Animal Crossing because.. It’s Animal Crossing!

Do you have any heroes in the industry, or someone who’s influenced your career to date?

Yes, my Dad. He’s been in and out of the games industry for years and is also just a general artistic wizard with many skills. He’s my biggest creative influence by far and I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I do today without him so, it’s gotta be a shout out to ol’ Papa Sims! Big up Daddio!

What changes would you like to see in the industry?

More diversity on all fronts.

I want there to be more opportunities for young people who are statistically less likely to move towards a career in games. I think this could lead to a more diverse pool of talent coming up in years to come.

What are you looking forward to?

Being able to have a group hug with my team.


Being able to do anything remotely social.

How has the pandemic changed the way you work?

It’s changed the physicality of the job but not the technicality, that’s pretty much stayed the same. I now have far more experience working in games during a pandemic than I do vice versa. So maybe it’ll be more of a shift going back to pre-pandemic ways once we are allowed to return to the office!

The MPG Art Team, Summer 2021

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