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We are actively recruiting a Lead Technical Artist to help MPG deliver expert technical art support & manage a growing team of technical artists across several projects.  You will work directly with the art & animation team, alongside production, design, QA and engineering teams in helping to deliver the best multiplayer experiences available.

You are an experienced Technical Artist who has delivered significant contributions to many games. You will be working with other technical artists to help ensure that game content is optimised & feasible, while helping to bring the art director’s vision to life. The track will be laid for others with the work you do, with tools & pipelines that can stand the test of time, and your expertise will guide the art team, while also bridging the gap between engineering and art.

As a lead you will also be responsible for managing a team of technical artists across the company, while being the bridge between the client and team where possible.

What you'll be doing:

  • Managing a team of technical artists
  • Communicating with clients & engineering teams to help bridge the gap with art
  • Working with production to help plan out technical art workload & managing this
  • Advising on issues which require an expert level of knowledge in the field
  • Making solid technical recommendations based on experience
  • Representing technical art in stand-ups and meetings
  • Sharing knowledge with the wider team & writing documentation for others to follow
  • Helping to bring the art director's vision to life
  • Developing art pipelines for building optimised content
  • Working with engineering to ensure art content is optimised for target platforms
  • Building various tools to assist with various tasks and pipelines
  • Writing optimised shaders/materials for various purposes
  • Helping to build systems for various effects
  • Working with relevant DCCs, game development software, production tools, and source control

What we'll need from you:

  • Experience with Unreal Engine (Blueprints)
  • Experience with managing & mentoring other team members
  • Examples of technical art work, and any art work is a bonus
  • Solid art development experience: having worked on multiple titles on all stages of game development
  • Strong problem solving skills & creative thinking
  • Attention to detail with a strong ability to analyse and comprehend visual direction and adapt style as needed
  • Excellent knowledge of typical art tools and game engines
  • Excellent communication skills

What would help:

  • Background in art & understanding of art fundamentals and/or background in engineering
  • C++ or Python knowledge
  • Rendering knowledge (HLSL/GLSL)
  • Procedural content generation

it’s more than a career choice.

Dale Taylor joined MPG as a Software Engineer in 2020.

He said: “MPG recognises what its okay to ask of us and what isn't. We're not expected to overextend ourselves for the sake of a project or development cycle. They've given me nothing but encouragement and room to grow and become a better dev with every project and task they've given me."

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