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The Multiplayer Group (MPG) are 300 developers and data scientists, helping our clients and partners build 20+ AAA projects at any one time. We’re probably the most experienced multiplayer dev group in the world and we’re set up to help the games industry make games more easily, to deliver the highest quality, and become long-term partners.

We hire the best people, our talented team is spread across the globe. We’re remote-friendly and big on wellbeing, so if you love the sound of us, we’d love to hear from you!

Your mission:

We are recruiting an Animator to help MPG deliver the best possible Animation for our games. 

As an Animator, you’re a specialist in creating high-quality animation for characters. You’re knowledgeable in supporting all stages of games. you will be working with artists, programmers, and Designers.

What you'll be doing:

  • Design, integrate and maintain quality animation for games.
  • Keeping your team up to date on progress and providing time estimates for work.
  • Identifying and highlighting attention to any issues that arise.
  • Contribute to the conceptualisation of character behaviours and abilities.
  • Contributing to brainstorming sessions.
  • Take part in art reviews and processes, providing feedback on ideas and art.

What we'll need from you:

  • Create quality, responsive and realistic animation using both keyframe and motion capture data.
  • Have solid understanding of core principle of animation such as ‘’Timing’’ and ‘’weight’’
  • Have a deep understanding of implementation from design to the engine
  • Excellent communication skills. Empathetic, mature and able to maintain a professional attitude in difficult situations.
  • You'll be adaptable. Although you'll have strong, specialised abilities in a certain animation area or style. You'll be able to adapt to new areas depending on the project.
  • Ability to adapt to latest animation tools and techniques.
  • Understanding of Rigging, able to know how it works and provide feedback.

What would help:

  • Open to mentoring and providing guidance to junior members of the art team
  • Able to manage your own time and workload
  • MEL, python scripting and tools development is a plus
  • Cinematic experience is a plus
  • Experience in a similar role is highly desirable
  • Experience of direct communication with clients

it’s more than a career choice.

Dale Taylor joined MPG as a Software Engineer in 2020.

He said: “MPG recognises what its okay to ask of us and what isn't. We're not expected to overextend ourselves for the sake of a project or development cycle. They've given me nothing but encouragement and room to grow and become a better dev with every project and task they've given me."

Find out more about what it’s like to work at MPG.

What we believe in

respect and trust

We treat each other with respect and trust, clients and colleagues alike.

positive influence

We exhibit positivity in all our interactions.

delivery of value

We're committed to providing exceptional value to our clients.


We want our team to enjoy their work, interactions with colleagues, and the culture they have helped us cultivate.

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